Private Cruise With Dinner Near Toronto, ON

If you want to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings around the Toronto, ON, area, one special way to do it is with a dinner boat cruise. Parry Sound Cruise Lines offers a private cruise with dinner that is sure to delight everyone onboard.

Delight in Your Surroundings

All of our cruises take our passengers around the bays and islands of Parry Sound, including the famous Hole in the Wall. If you love a perspective like no other, you’ll love this aspect of the cruise. Parry Sound boasts beautiful, deep waters, as well as numerous islands and bays. Its asymmetrical shape allows for fun excursions all over the area.

Enjoy High-Quality Cuisine

The most important aspect of this cruise is the dinner itself. You can expect quality with catered food from the finest restaurants in the area. Enjoy the luxury of a fine restaurant from the deck of a historical boat, surrounded by breathtaking views. You’ll have a selection of fine liquors and be able to enjoy your food buffet style.

Have Fun for Over Two Hours

You don’t have to worry about a short-lived cruise that doesn’t provide the experience you deserve. Instead, our public charter cruises last for two hours, and if you book a private charter, you are given the opportunity to choose the length of your cruise. All of our cruises allow you to relax, enjoy the ambiance, and truly discover the beauty of Parry Sound. Best of all, you’ll enjoy a gorgeous sunset over Georgian Bay.

Enjoy Dinner With Friends and Family

Our dinner cruise is perfect for couples and parties alike. Whether you want an intimate dinner for two or an extravagant feast for 10, we can accommodate your dining requests. Simply let us know what you need.

Book Your Cruise Today

If you want to discover the delights of Parry Sound, then reserve your cruise online today. We are also happy to go over any questions you have — simply call us at +1 (705) 746-6064.